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Madera E. Rogers

CFO & Creative Director

Self-taught photographer / videographer and textile artist, 

Madera E. Rogers is a multi-faceted creator, bringing over 27 years of experience from the fashion industry and talent coaching to her work with youth. In addition to being the lead designer of MERELY M.E., she has experience as a movement coach, stylist and fashion show choreographer in Denver, Seattle and Quebec. Ms. Rogers’ clients have included: Joseph Magnums, Fred Segal of Fred Segal Rodeo Drive, swimwear designer Keiko, Foote’s Canadian ad branch, Cone & Belding, as well as the Canadian branch of Ford's Super Models. In the U.S., she has coached a bevy of well-known and not-so-well-known models and actors including actress Colleen McDermott and photographer Jack Pedota.

Being locally centered but globally-minded has always been the mantra behind Ms. Rogers’ path in the fashion industry and life. Born in El Paso, Texas but raised in Germany for a number of years, Ms. Rogers has drawn inspiration and creative energy from all corners of the globe. From 1998 to 1999, Rogers served as an CARENET AmeriCorps volunteer in Commerce City, Colorado. She also, was a Title 1 Math Teacher and Inter-grated Arts Teacher for Denver Public School (DPS), Pioneer Charter School.

Ms. Rogers is now taking her work to another level as she continues to push her own curiosity around "what's possible to reduce, recycle and re-purpose paper as a social initiative?"  As a textile artist, conscious living advocate, and teacher, she's working to create a world where all her talents can compliment the one source. 


The Green Journey Series Youth Initiative is being launch in New Orleans in partnership with Mary D. Coghil Charter School and The Literacy Project International to create Whose Magazine? a youth-centered and created publication.


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Whose Magazine? 

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