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THE RECYCLE CHALLENGE Parade & Festival is a global initiative that celebrates recycling, repurposing and reducing trash through a community  action or a completed art project. 

The Green Journey Series, The Literacy Project International, and NEW ORLEANS SMART ART OF TRASH FESTIVAL (slated for 2019 – 2020), are a partnership developed to address social issues such as youth literacy, unemployment, and environmental pollution. Together they introduce New Orleans area Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication


The Green Journey Series Mission

Fosters discussions and events around resilience that intertwine the arts and food. Celebrates lifestyle and conscious thinking.


The Literacy Project Mission

The Literacy Project International connects children to real-world experiences and assignments to increase their educational and cultural literacy.

New Orleans Smart Art of Trash Festival Mission           

Our mission is to provide a cleaner greener safer way of life in which we live and work together. To improve upon, the socio-economic wellness, of the community, youth and disadvantage businesses.


The Smart Art of Trash Youth Initiative and its Programs


Social engagement is at the heart of The Smart Art of Trash’s mission. In addition to working with disadvantaged businesses to improve the socio-economic wellness of our communities, we will be engaging children in environmental awareness through the joy of creation. This effort will begin with “The Greening of New Orleans” in-school initiative, move into The Smart of of Trash Summer Camp, and ultimately be manifested in Whose Magazine?, an arts publication designed for and by kids.

Highlights of each program will include:

  • A literacy component that will document the participants environmental and artistic endeavors through journalism, poetry, playwriting, and more.

  • An arts component that will promote imaginative and constructive creativity in the use of recycled material.

  • An activity component that may include dance, gardening, and/or theatre to stimulate the mind as well as keep the body moving.


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