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     To honor the environment, Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication

      has reduced trash pollution by providing an Electronic Press Kit.               






Our team will assist and serve as examples on how to directly affect environmental and or climate change in our own backyard! As Youth Environmentalism focus will be specifically,  the Gentilly, Pontchatrain Park and SUNO area.

Youth will collect data and document the existing impact, conduct interviews with individuals on both sides of the trash issue. And, be part of the community trash pick up. What makes this Initiative and/or pilot program so powerful? Youths voice themselves through what they write, photograph, participate in community service, and attend community meetings that demonstrate the use of trash to create sustainable art from materials collected. Youths will be instrumental in being the change they need, want, and will see. Art becomes a viable product from unwanted refuse.

Youth Picking Up Trash .jpg

Photographer: Marley (October 2018)

Grade 7th   Adinkra Nola 

"Just because it's not your trash doesn't mean you can't pick it up"

Group Cleaning .jpg

Photographer: Marley (October 2018)

Grade 7th   Adinkra Nola 


Photographer: High Heal Productions

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Table of Contents:

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*About Whose Magazine? A  Youth Publication              Pg 2 

*About Smart Art of Trash Community Challenge 

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*Comments - Quotes from People about Whose Magazine? 


*Event Information   

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*Contact Information 

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Press Conference & Presentation

Saturday, October 13, 2018 


       9:00 am - 10:00 am


Community Trash

Pick Up and Recycling


      10:00 am to 11:30 am 


Press Releases

Utilizing Images From Our

Youth Photographers:

Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication

Attention press or media:

If, you are planning to utilize images provided by youth , you are instructed to:

list the first name of the photographer, school &



October 8, 2018   PRESS RELEASE

Announcing Youth Environmentalist Editors & Spokesperso'sn Team


October 13, 2018   PRESS NOTICE


Addressing Trash Pollution and The Human Spirit/ Community Trash Pick Up & Recycle

Youth Picking Up Trash .jpg

October 13, 2018      FLYER

Community Trash Pick Up & Recycle

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