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The Green Journey Series 

From 1998 to 2010, Written by Kids Int’l Inc. {part of The Literacy Project, Inc.} connected children to real-world experiences that boost educational and cultural literacy. Our participating students have interviewed Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman, and Miss America, among other personalities. They have made their first-ever visit to a theatrical stage show and thought (and later wrote) about how the actors, costumes, lighting and sets contributed to the experience. And in 2001, a small group of students traveled to Ground Zero in New York to document the 9/11 tragedy through words and photographs.


During that time Whose Magazine? became a vehicle to teach children about photography, cooking, fashion, and radio, television and newspaper reporting (among other topics) while providing engaging, fundamental material for writing assignments. The results have been clear: when kids write about real-world experiences their reading and writing skills improve. At the same time, they discover their own voice and exhibit new leadership qualities. The program is designed to compliment current curriculums, and will provide real-world assignments, field trips, and interviews that all increase a child’s literacy skills and confidence. We treat children as though they were young professionals, working within a newsroom or journalism department. 


We were founded as a partnership with Kearney Elementary School in Commerce City, and grew to serve over 10,000 children in the Denver metro area. From 2010 to 2017, our Founder was seeking the best place for the magazine. New Orleans is it! 


Currently, we are excited to introduce our first pilot program with New Orleans. We worked with three student's from Mary D. Coghill Charter School in June 2018. And now, we have added Adinkra Nola & Light City Christian Academy.


From August 2018 to present date, a five - week training program has occurred  between the publisher and student's from each school. These student's in addition to youth from New Orleans, will be able to participate in a five - week journalism, environmental activism along with art focused program. This city - wide experience ask youth and community alike to consider that there's a "Smart Art of Trash."  Most importantly, we will be reducing, recycling and re-purposing our communities trash into a wide variety of large scale puppets, fans, costumes and more!  


We are appreciative for the in-kind support from sponsors and a grant from Youth Service America that is assisting us in building a foundation to the Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication program .



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