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We work in a spirit of collaboration with local and national organizations, companies, and individuals as part of the village in care-taking our youth. We are so honored for the support of New Orleans printing company Gentilly Mail & Copy.


In every program and activity we provide a fast paced and engaging learning environment where creativity is a tool to help children challenge themselves.

We make an extra effort to reach schools and school districts that are disadvantaged, or have a high percentage of African American children and other minorities.


Our aim is to have children and their families participate in a caring, accountable, creative support system. Through dedicated energy and action, we empower children to grow as independent thinkers and learners.

Our community fosters children to become more confident in speaking and writing about what's on their minds.

All children are valuable gifts and they are encouraged to respect and to be accountable to themselves and to each other.


We provide real-world experiences that connect to classroom expectations and standards. 

Most importantly, we are fostering youth to be mindful of  understanding the concepts around sustainability, reducing, recycling, re-purposing, and caring for the world and its inhabitants. 


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