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Behind The Scenes of 2018 New Orleans Film Festival:

Reunion Dinner and Screening of Cane River

Writers: Mr. Ethan Hayes (Parent) &

Hailey Hayes (Light Christian Academy)

Age: 13 years old Grade:

Several weeks ago, I received my first assignment: attend a press event, interview cast and crew, attend a movie screening, write an article and a review of the film Cane River.

I had been selected to represent #WhoseMagazine? A #Youth #Publication at the 2018 #NewOrleansFilmFestival. I was now excited, and patient, and in awe. During this two-day experience, my father and Ms. Delise Hampton from #HighHealProductions shared roles as photographer and videographer.

Photography: Ethan Hayes (parent)

A special thank to my teacher’s, Mrs. Rowena Robinson and publisher, Ms. Madera E. Rogers of Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication for their vote of confidence.


Upon arriving to the Reunion Dinner my team and I were met by our support sponsor, Tina Balthazar of Balthazar ELECTRIKS. Ms. Balthazar commented,” A Whose Magazine editorial team covered the movie Cane River on October 22, 2018, at the Contemporary Art Center. The Whose Magazine editor and her dad engaged the cast and crew to the point that the youth was mentioned by cast member during the discussion after the film showing. She has a curiosity and is prepared with thorough questions.”

There I was, stepping through the doors of The Old Firehouse Studio, for the reunion event hosted by the film studios of Glen Pitre & Michelle Benoit. So many things got my attention. The first thing I saw was a wall of umbrellas with holographic animals on them.

Also, there was a section in the room surrounded by small box TVs with the same video playing on them. My nervousness went away. My mind was going everywhere, I was so excited. At that moment, I realized how lucky I was! Everyone should get a chance to go to events as this, and enjoy the experience.

Cane River Takes Us Back To A Different Time


The 90-minute movie Cane River, was originally made in 1982 . Did you know that the movie was written and directed by Horace Jenkins? His most popular children film credit, “Sesame Street”! Here’s an interest fact, Mr. Jenkins died a few months after starting work on Cane River.

As a parent, on October 21, 2018, I had an opportunity to watch my daughter interview adults like a seasoned pro. The festival hosts many activities to film showings at it’s yearly scheduled event. I attended a Special Screening of the newly, restored Cane River.

The producer was Sandra Schulberg of IndieCollect and co-produced by Carol Balthazar. Balthazar screened the film in 1983, the film would never be theatrically until, now. I observed as she interviewed actress, Tommye Myrick, who played Maria Mathers in Cane River. Ms. Mathers told my daughter that we stand on the shoulders of our great African American ancestors, but if we don’t know whose shoulders we’re standing on, how can we stand at all. “You’re a young writer, and this excites me, because you stand on the shoulders of Maya Angelou, Lorraine Hansberry, alice Walker, Sonia Sanchz, Nikki Giovanni, and Beverly Mc Kenna. You stand on the shoulders of strong black women who realize one thing, the story won’t be told if you don’t tell it”, she adds.

Upon arriving to be seated, so many things caught my eye. This was a truly amazing experience. I truly have never been a part of something like this. At the time, all I wanted to do was watch the movie, because I was getting impatient.


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