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FILM REVIEW: The Film CANE RIVER Is From A Different Time

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Written by: Hailey Hayes

School: Light Christian Academy

Age: 13 Grade: 6th

Hailey of Light Christian Academy Reviews The Film Cane River


Time: 90-minute movie

Notes: Originally made in 1982 . Directed and written by Horace Jenkins

Credit: Sesame Street

Producer: Sandra Schulberg of IndieCollect

Co-producer: Carol Balthazar.

Photo credit from WNYC web page
Actor, Richard Romain and actress, Tommye Myrick

Photo credit from WNYC web page


It's an amazing film and deserves every award it can be given. The film is set in Natchitoches Parish is 259 miles from New Orleans. The story is about a light skinned African American man named Peter Metourer, played by Richard Romain, and a darker skinned African American woman named Maria Mathers, played by New Orleans resident, Tommye Myrick. Maria and Peter formed a romantic relationship, but their skin color affected how they both grew up, and how differently their families thought about skin complexions.

I think the things that happened in Cane River still happen today, unfortunately. I believe, like in the movie, we distance ourselves from other African Americans who might look differently than us. We need to work on this as a community so we don't pass down self-hatred to our future children.

Overall, I really enjoyed Cane River, and I really want to see it again. It was funny, romantic, and well made. It also had great main characters who really brought the story to life. If more people were able to see this movie maybe we can stop colorism from hurting our community. 

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