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The Recycle Challenge: 100 Paper Dresses Over Two Years!

By Madera E. Rogers-Henry

Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication is a pilot program running two programs. One, features a Zoom experience with children from Colorado and the New Orleans area. That program is Whose News Podcast for Black Pearl MarketPlace. Whose News for Black Pearl MarketPlace is located on Anchor fm. The 15 minute pre-taped facts, history, and music format that are told by the voices of our children. Our main volunteer for Whose News Podcast is voice talent and co-producer of the show is Linda C. Shaw of Denver, Colorado.

All programs are free for the next ten members to join.

Ms. Shaw has volunteered her time for over one year through membership with BPMP (Black Pearl MarketPlace). Our youth member are Madison, Mason, Jade, Naw'La and Trinity.

The second program, is Whose Magazine? Art Team. At it's current stage, we meet with selected youth and adult artist(s) who are continuing the work from 2019. The Recycle Challenge addresses the environment and creating creative solutions to minimize waste. The 100 Paper Dresses was in process from 2018. Youth from Light Christian Academy in the Lower Ninth Ward created paper guitars, a head of a giant rabbit and began to develop concept dresses before the arrival of COVID19.

On May 22, 2021, we met for the first time since March 2019. The photos and videos are from that first meeting with selected parents and youth.

A special "thank you" to Mrs. Rowena K. Robinson and her company Chic Nouvelle, for providing funding for one-year for local youth and adult artist to craft paper dresses. The grant from New Orleans Ya Heard Me & TANDEM ED. Along with the following Co-Sponsors listed. Through this grant three youth have been selected for the Art Team of The Recycle Project: 100 Paper Dresses. Those youth featured are all from New Orleans. They are Hailey, Rose and (not pictured) Sasha.

Meet Hailey

Meet Paula (Rose's mom) & Rose:

The aim of all of the Whose Magazine? and Whose News programs is to connect students to real-world deadlines and assignments while increasing their critical thinking, writing and cultural literacy.

HISTORY OF Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication

This New Orleans based pilot project stems from the program Madera Rogers-Henry directed in public schools in Colorado from 1998 to 2010 where students interviewed Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman, and Miss America, among other personalities. First-ever visit to a theatrical stage show, and traveled to Ground Zero in New York to document the 9/11 tragedy through words and photographs. Partners at the time included numerous Colorado to Texas school districts and partnered with Denver Film Society and Radio Disney.

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