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Colorado Schools 2006 Entries 

Youth reporters attend Denver, Colorado 

Starz Film Festival 

Look for the 2019 Schedule of upcoming events & programs.

Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication

Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication aka Literacy Project International is partnering with it’s two educational components:Black Pearl MarketPlace, a business cooperative for Black Creatives. And The Green Journey Series, a green and sustainable programing that

sets up markets to outreach programs to educate youth and community on green, recycled approaches are collaborating with it’s members and partners to launch a three - year plan called The Recycle Trash To Art Initiative. This initiative began in 2018, and will end in 2023. The aim for Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication is to expose youth to effective ideas around reducing trash pollution, into creating products that have a smart art to trash! Most importantly, youth are a big part of the various stages to the project. As artists along with community and partners, interweaving recycling, and being the creators of documenting the telling of stories through various art mediums, writing, photography.

It bridges the world of activism, sustainability, recycling and art. The focus - how art can solve issues around the environment, social justice and reducing trash pollution. Youth are at the center of the performances to creating works of art that relies on recycling and repurposing trash.

The overall goal of the project connects to two of New Orleans Ya Heard Me pillars. They are: Education and Economics/Ownership focuses on encouraging youth to increase literacy skills through journalism. As a viable venue that provides financial support through employment opportunities the project allows it's citizens of the greater New Orleans region can see their cultures and communities positive reflected. Especially, at various stages in this project and from the arts medium of creating to, writing, photography, and reporting from a youth perspective. We tell our own stories.

Highlights of the Smart Art Of Trash Initiative includes:

* Kick-off event for June 19, 2021 - The Freedom Dress

Artist, Russell Robinson (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Big Mama's Dress

Press conference and community event intertwines the New Orleans history, and

contributions of our ancestors from the African and Caribbean people. It also,

correlating Juneteenth (June 19th) 1865 to New Orleans community at that time.

** Footnote: June 19th, 1865 is the oldest known holiday that identified the end of

slavery in the US.

* Community outreach events range from neighborhood clean up projects, art

installations, presentations and being staff for Whose Magazine? and Whose

News on Podcast will be scheduled throughout the year.

* Local and national artists involved. By Earth Day 2023, some international art

showcasing sustainable creations from across the globe.

* Local music and vendors promoting and/or demonstrating homegrown

sustainability as well as the economic viability of green products.

* (Depending on COVID19 guidelines) Our mini festival will incorporate guidelines to tailor the festival. Our intent is that they be multi-sensory experiences that draw attention to trash and pollution reduction through recycling and repurposing “waste” into grand installations, puppets, banners, garden sculptures or whatever else the artist can imagine.

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